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2018 Fall OC Meeting October 10-12
Palm Springs, CA

Posted: 01/05/18
2018 Spring OC Meeting March 7-9
Whistler, BC

Updated: 03/12/18
2019 Spring OC Meeting April 10-12
Coral Gables, FL

Posted: 08/23/17
2017 EC Meeting
December 06 2017

Updated: 12/07/2017
WSPP FERC Filing to Update WSPP Agreement Members List (.pdf)
Posted: 06/20/2017


Industry Announcements
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WSPP is an agreement and an organization that creates power trading opportunities and allows WSPP members to manage power delivery and price risk.

The Current WSPP Agreement dated June 20, 2017, is the most commonly used standardized power sales contract in the electric industry. It is approved by the FERC and used by jurisdictional and non-jurisdictional entities. Once signed, the Agreement allows instant access to power trading within the membership.

The mission of the organization is to provide a catalyst for an efficient and robust wholesale electric power market. WSPP accomplishes this by constantly facilitating refinements to the Agreement, and promoting trading relationships.


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