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Membership/How to Join

Once you become a member of the WSPP, you are instantly enabled to begin trading electric power with any other member of the WSPP. Of course, most companies will want to get to know you before they begin to transact with you. WSPP provides many opportunities to meet face to face through their committee meetings. There is plenty of contact information on this website if you need to call counterparties. The Operating Committee meetings take place twice a year and are the signature events disigned to provide maximum networking opportunities. Power traders from accross the country meet in one place to set up trading relationships, make deals, and catch up on the latest WSPP business.

The WSPP also touts these advantages:

  • Standard Terms and Conditions – The main Agreement provides for standardization, while individual Confirmation Agreements allow for customization.
  • Good liquidity – The WSPP is the most active traded physical power contract in the country.
  • Good price discovery – Because of its liquidity and the host of reporting indices available to traders, market prices are well known.
  • Flexibility – The WSPP has three basic products: Economy Energy Service (subject to interruption upon notification), Unit Commitment Service (a sale from a specified unit), and Firm Power (which defers to the applicable reliability organizations criteria to define "firm" power). An optional collateral annex is provided for those who desire more robust credit provisions. In addition, special provisions may be included in any transaction by mutual agreement.
  • Adaptability – The WSPP has successfully evolved over time through its constant committee review process. Changes have been made over time to tighten the Agreement, make it comport to changing industry standards, or to serve the members better. Any change to the Agreement requires a 90% approval vote by the members.

How to Join WSPP

Request WSPP membership by submitting the contact form, selecting "WSPP Membership Request" as the subject. A representative will contact you to discuss your prospective membership.

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