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WSPP Contract Subcommittee
Resource Adequacy Confirmation Project

The Task Force has finalized the RA Confirmation and version 1.0 is ready for your use. Thank you for your review and comments on the initial drafts.

The Confirmation will be presented to the WSPP members at the Fall WSPP meeting on October 11, 2018.

RA Confirmation Project Material:

If you would like some background information on Resource Adequacy, please see the July 17th Resource Adequacy web page which includes various documents on RA.

If you have any questions about the project - please contact Heather Harrison, Operating Committee Chair or Jim Barnes, Contract Sub-Committee Chair.

Task Force Members:
    Arnold Podgorsky, WSPP Counsel
    Jeremy Weinstein
    Heather Harrison
    Dan Griffiths
    Heather Schleicher
    Sean Beatty
    Petra Wallace
    Patrick Woodhouse
    Harry Singh
    Steve Hall
    Ginger Price
    Shae Harvey
    Deborah Brentani

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